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Cordoba Ecuestre training

Our association is aware of the enormous link between the horse, the culture and the history of our city. Cordoba is a cattle land and it has magnificent conditions to produce excellent horses, being one of the Spanish provinces where one of the most important hearts of breeding is located, both for the number of horses and their quality.

This generates the need of counting on a qualified staff, able to cover the great demand of professionals that this sector presents. For this reason, Cordoba Ecuestre carries out a varied training programme every year, in which a large and realistic view of the horse industry is offered. Furthermore, it provides the required knowledge to face the labour market, with the highest guarantee of success.

With a recognised trajectory and experience on developing training actions in different specialities of the sector, our association receives every year a high number of applications from people interested in the fulfilment of some of the different educational methods given.

To develop all these training actions, Cordoba Ecuestre has professionals with a verified solvency and a large knowledge who show all their abilities and their good deeds on horseback in the Passion and Spirit of the Andalusian Horse Equestrian Show, also responsible for teaching  the different Training Programmes carried out by the association.