Pasión y duende del caballo andaluz

Structure of the show

Passion and Spirit of the Andalusian horse offers its audience, in 70 enthralling minutes, a perfect combination of elements from classical and Andalusian horsemanship, work in hand, doma vaquera, haute étcole, horsewomen, garrocha spears… linking all it with the history and equestrian tradition of our city.


The Doma Vaquera, a discipline deeply rooted in our land, is presented in this show combined with the grace and charm of a gitana, who searches the vaquero so that he accompanies her in the rhythm of some lively sevillanas. This dynamic and agile riding, to work and stroll, allows the rider to draw some accurate movements on the arena alongside the dancer that is challenging him.


Celebrations are also part of a vaquero’s life, who carries on horseback the woman who has been waiting for him after an exhausting day of work. A lively carousel of six geldings, perfectly coordinated, form an amazing ensemble in which six skilled riders carry proudly their beautiful gitanas, wearing the flounces of their dresses.


The sensitivity of a professional rider is transmitted through the long reins with which he drives his beautiful Andalusian horse – Spanish Purebred -. Beautiful and elegant movements spark off the dance of a flamenco dancer who finds herself involved in an atmosphere of sensuality and art. Music, dance and the ability of a rider who knows how to best bring out all of his horse’s expressiveness, coordinated with the music and the dance of his partner.


Dressage is the zenith of the equestrianism. It is the Dressage of Perfection, where horse and rider become one. This discipline makes our Andalusian horse, at the disposal of his rider, execute some harmonious movements, more flexible and beautiful, always with a perfect cadence.


The wisdom of our riders and their control over their horses allows them to conjure up a picture in which all the strength of their lineage arises, focused on the most difficult movements ever imagined. The Andalusian horse is at the disposal of his equestrianism master who raises it to the sky with excellent caprioles, powerful levades, impossible courbettes, elegant passages and Spanish walks, and the strong piaffe.


Certain events will include the masterful performance of our honoured harness team. Competition harness driving, fused with some disciplines like show jumping, guarantees, without the shadow of a doubt, a great show.


The Haute École, also known as academic or “Wise Dressage” during the Renaissance, makes the horse show regularity in its gaits, harmony and ease of movements; Passage and Piaffe, along with a series of artificial and brilliant gaits, resulting from a particular training. The Piruetas en Tres Remos, Jambet and Spanish walk will be a real delight for those who have the opportunity to see it.


Our vaqueros’ hands take the reins of their mounts and have the required skills to work with cattle. Theirs are not idle hands, but hands capable of spurring, calming down and stopping the superb vaquero horse, always attentive to his rider’s orders. Garrocha discipline, a luxury where dynamism, temperance, speed, halts to the limit and pirouettes are mixed.


The Cordovan woman and a beautiful mare make up a picture of special beauty.The light and skilled hand of this amazona makes it possible that this unrepeatable pairing surprises you with an excellent reprisse.